Pilgrimage and Reflective Walks on Bute

Welcome everyone, we’re so glad you’re here. We have created a number of short, reflective walks based on the pathways that form the West Island Way. These walks will lead you from our church – The United Church of Bute – to St Blane’s monastery and church at the south end of the island.

The individual walks are themed and each is written to inspire you to think about an aspect of Christian life aided by the landscape and its history through which you travel.

Route 1 – In the beginning; starts in the church and reflects on the passage of time and God’s presence in it.

Route 2 – Moving forward; part 1 considers the act of travelling; our daily journey and how we approach it. Wilderness; part 2 of this route considers wilderness and prayer; why do we always put ourselves at the centre of things?

Route 3 – Distraction; even when we think we are centred on God we can be side-tracked by many things in life.

Route 4 – Knowing where to go; are we too certain of the path we should follow? Are our destinations the one God wants?

Route 5 – Following the way; The final route to St Blane’s monastery site helps us think about discipline and a guiding hand.

St Blane’s monastery site and church finish the journey. We have simply left the peace and tranquillity of the place to speak for itself.

Maps and Route information

You can purchase copies of the maps in the entrance vestibule to the United Church of Bute. The church is on High St, beyond the local hospital and above the park. You can also download and print copies for free by following the links at the side of the page.

Professional guided tours

For a professionally guided experience, we have partnered with WildBute.com. You can book a scheduled tour or arrange a bespoke adventure by clicking on the image at the side of this page or following this link: http://www.wildbute.com