St Blane

A short history

6th century AD – St Blane (Bláán) is reportedly born on the Isle of Bute. The nephew of St Catan (after whom Kilchattan, 1 mile to the NE of St Blane’s, is named), Blane is said to have trained at the Irish monastery of Bangor (Co. Down), under its founder St Comgall, before returning to his uncle’s monastery on Bute and succeeding him as abbot. His work later extend into Pictland to the east (eg, Dunblane), but little is known either of him or his cult. He is commemorated as ‘fair Bláán of Cenn Garad [Kingarth]’ in the 9th-century Martyrology of Oengus.
• c. 630 – St Blane dies and is probably buried at his monastery. The ecclesiastical complex possibly develops around his shrine.